Learn the ABC’s of craft

Education is important and the building blocks of any topic are really its ABC’s. Beer Country have kindly taken us through the best alphabet of all – the beer alphabet.Hreo_ABCS_article

A: And Union – These guys pioneered the ‘craft is cool’ movement in South Africa. They make exceptional beers and even though they are brewed in Bavaria, they are a homegrown craft hero.

B: Barley – Malted barley is one of four magical beer ingredients. It gives colour, flavour and body. It also provides essential sugars which yeast converts into alcohol. Go barley!

C: Cape Brewing Company – One of ‘ze big guns’ in South Africa. CBC make incredible German style beers in the heart of the Paarl winelands. Definitely worth a visit, but take a taxi.

D: Devil’s Peak – South Africa was never the same after Devil’s Peak burst onto the scene, swinging a bag of hops like a medieval weapon. Two words – king’s blockhouse.

E: Ester – Ester handles League of Beers’ social media… just kidding. Esters are flavour compounds created by yeast. They can be fruity, spicy or floral.

F: Free delivery – Did someone say free?! Yes it’s true! Our monthly mix case arrives at your door free of charge. Does it get any better than that?

G: Growler – Contrary to popular belief, a growler is not the result of an imperial IPA binge. They are actually large jugs that you can get filled with takeaway beer at your favourite brew pub.

H: Hops – How do we love thee? Let us count the ways. Hops give beer bitterness, aroma and flavour that ranges from earthy, spicy, floral to fruity, herbal and resinous. We. Love. Hops.

I: International brews – At League of Beers we strive to find the best beers from around the world. After we’ve drunk all the beers we then get more and put them in cases for you :)

J: Jack Black – Good ol’ Jack Black has been around since craft beers have been at farmer’s markets. They’ve come a long way since then and they’ve just built their own spiffy brewery.

K: Keg – Kegs are the best way to store beer, and beer on tap will often taste fresher. Believe it or not, cans actually store beer better than bottles because they are like mini kegs.

L: Light struck – When beer is exposed to too much sunlight it causes a chemical reaction that causes the hops to revolt. The technical term for this is ‘skunked’.

M: Mixed Case – Not only is a mix case a passport into a world of beer, fun, friends and awesomeness, it’s also been rated by the World Institute of Present Giving as ‘The best present ever’ since 2012.

N: Ninkasi – Ancient Sumerians drank a lot of beer. So much in fact that they had a beer goddess called Ninkasi. They also had a song which they sang to her, which was also a recipe for the beer. How crafty is that?

O: Only going to have one beer – An urban myth that every craft beer drinker attempts to prove, and fails. How can you blame them though? Craft beer is just so damn delicious.

P: Phenolic – This nasty aroma smells, like plastic or band aids, that is caused by wild yeast or bacteria getting into a brew.

Q: Quick beer – see “O”.

R: Resin – Hop flowers have a yellow resin substance inside them. This is what gives beer its delicious bitter flavour.

S: Sediment – If a beer is bottle conditioned, meaning there is actual live yeast in the bottle, you’ll find sediment in the bottom of the bottle. You can either discard it or swirl it into the pour.

T: Tasting League – An awesome group of League of Beers Legends who take pictures of the mix case beers. They also talk obsessively about beer on Twitter and Instagram on @TastingLeague.

U: U is for you – And you should be drinking a beer while you read this. Go on, we’ll wait while you fetch one.

V: Very popular – That’s what you’re going to be if you get your mates to subscribe to the awesomeness that is League of Beers.

W: Water – Beer is about 90% water so it really pays to use the best quality water. Some breweries like Newlands and Guinness are actually built around their water sources.

X: Xerophobia – The fear of dryness. The solution? You guessed it, a delicious monthly mix case that was lovingly curated by The League of Beers.

Y: Yeast – For the longest time yeast was a mystical thing that no one understood. It was only in 1857 that Louis Pasteur figured out the fermentation process. Louis you beauty!

Z: Zymurgy – No this is not a new fangled cult. It’s actually just a fancy word for the study or practice of fermentation.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this taste of craft beer smarts. If you’re looking to dive deeper into the tank then sign up to the League of Beers Monthly Mixed Case today, and you’ll get instant access to our College of Craft course. It’s everything you need to take your beer smarts from flat to fizzy.

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  1. There may be “THERE’S NO ‘ELEMENOPI’ IN THE ALPHABET” but don’t you think there is an – Important ELEMENT IS HOPpy ??

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