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The extended rules of office mistletoe

The extended rules of office mistletoe

Planning a boozey year end shindig? You should probably acquaint yourself with the rules of office mistletoe and get craft beer in bulk. We have both.


1. It has to be a mistletoe

Duh. With mistletoe – festive holiday tradition. Without mistletoe – you’re basically just making out under a bush. Which is fine if that’s your sort of thing, it’s just harder to explain what’s going on if you’re just dangling a fern.

2. This isn’t 7 minutes in heaven

Be quick about it. Remember, it’s still the office. Making out sessions are great, but just because something is great doesn’t mean you should do it in the office. Like day drinking for example.

3. A mistletoe isn’t legally binding

If somebody doesn’t look too excited about the prospect of a festive smooch, then move on. As festive as your lips might feel, they don’t have to save Christmas all on their own.

4. Just like drinks, you can have too much

Say hypothetically somebody saw you put 7 Cornish pasties in your pocket for later. It would be weird, right? Now instead of pies, replace it with office lip-locking. Still weird.

5. Tinder: Office Edition doesn’t exist for a reason

Office flings are a lot like fireworks, they can be super fun but they can also backfire and blow up in your face and ruin your professional working life. Ok, maybe not that extreme. But just think about trying to make coffee in the break room after a thing like that.

6. Smooch the boss

If the person who signs your cheques catches you under the mistletoe, we so go for it. Close your eyes, sigh and lift your left foot up like they do in the movies.

7. Be careful of the Mistletoe Moon

With every mistletoe there is a Mistletoe Moon – someone who hovers near the mistletoe but not directly under it until they find the right people they deem worth their time. If you can’t find the mistletoe moon, it might be you, in which case move on, buddy. Go get some snacks.

8. Old ladies LOVE A SMOOCH

Do you want to be an office hero? Smooch the old ladies. They love the attention and it’ll raise your charm factor. For bonus points, open with “You barely look a day over (20 years less than their actual age).”

9. Keep your hands in the ride at all time

It’s weird that we have to mention this but you’re not climbing Bone Mountain, keep it PG13.

Here’s to a lekker but not so awkward Christmas! Oh and don’t forget your Crafty Party Mixed Case.

The #TastingLeague Cooking with Craft Beer and Braai Pairing Challenge

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to create the perfect beer and braai pairing? We’re looking to crown our first #TastingLeague Cooking with Craft Champion, and with a little creativity and fireside skills, it could be you. We’ve got awesome prizes up for grabs but more importantly, you’ll walk away with the title and all the bragging rights.


The Rules

1. One braai dish per #TastingLeague member.
2. One awesome photo of the dish and the beer you’ve paired it with.
3. The beer must be one of December’s Monthly Mixed Case beers.
4. Entries must be uploaded with a short recipe description to Twitter or Instagram tagging @Leagueofbeers and using the hashtags #CookingCraft #TastingLeague
5. Entries must be in before 31 December 2015. Winners will be announced in the first week of January.
6. Have fun and be more awesome than those Beer Country braai wannabes.


1st place: Pick any two items off our #GiftBeer page.

2nd & 3rd place: A League of Beers bottle opener.


Below are a few of our favourite braai and beer pairing ideas. Think you’ve got what it takes to do better? Go on, we dare you.

A Durban-inspired lamb bunny chow.

A Durban inspired Best Black Gold lamb bunny chow

Sweet and spicy panko pork pops.

Panko pork pops with a sweet & spicy Devil's Peak Lager sauce

A double stuffed blue cheese lamb burger.


23 insanely awesome gifts for guys

23 insanely cool gifts for guys

Shopping for guys is tough. There’s only so many things that will make them truly happy and fulfilled come 2016. Luckily we know just where to find insanely cool gifts for guys.

23 insanely awesome gifts for guys

1. The Ultimate League of Beers Brand Box

You know how gran knits the whole family matching sweaters every Christmas? Well, this is sort of like that except none of it’s ugly. Feel part of the family with the League of Beers Brand Box.

2. Gropener

One. Handed. Bottle. Opener. Think of all the stuff you could do with your free hand if you had this cool bottle opener? You could start sudoku or something.

3. Mode Fridge Monkey

Honestly, it’s 2015. Why are beers still having to fight with milk for fridge space? This clever little gadget brings the ‘cold wars’ to an end.


4. Beerguevara Homebrew Kit

There’s nothing more rewarding than drinking a beer you made yourself. Think of it as a fun hobby like scrapbooking but without having to actually scrapbook.

5. Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

For that one time you might not feel like a beer (special occasions like winning the World Cup, birth of a first born, that sort of thing) you should be drinking whisky. And this is the only way you should be drinking it.

6. The Craft Beer Lovers Gift Box

The ultimate gift box for the craft beer lovers. Packed with the best of the best in beer and snacks – everything you need to enjoy a great beer drinking experience.


7. Unzip Magnetic Bottle Opener

A giant bottle opener that also makes your fridge look like it’s got a giant zipper. Don’t over think it.

8. Beer Bread Gift Box

Despite what some banters might say, the only problem with bread is that sometimes it doesn’t have beer in it. Luckily this gift box solves that problem.

9. League of Beers Glasses

You know what’s great? Good beer. You know what’s even better? Good beer in great glasses. Host your own #TastingLeague and pretend you were sponsored to impress your friends.


10. Key Bottle Opener

Are you wanting to carry a bottle opener without looking like the sort of person who always carries a bottle opener? Well then this is the opener for you. Disguised as a key, it says “I’m here to open doors (but also beers).”

11. Brooklyn Grooming Beard Soap

Some drinks will put hair on your chest, beer will put it everywhere. Take care of your ‘beer’d with this essential oil goldmine of a beard soap. Be Fancy.

12. League of Beers Braai Tongs

Have you ever noticed how people pick up the tongs and always give them a quick double snap to make sure they still work? Well, we did that to all of these great tongs and they still work.


13. Flaming Tiger Sriracha Sauce

Not your average hot sauce this one. For the ideal topping for any meal, this wild chilli sauce will give you even more reason to quench every meal with beer. Not that you needed another reason.

14. Aquapac Mini Phone Cover

For those times when a pub crawl actually turns into a crawl. Or for when pool cricket calls for a risky last minute dive into the pool. This way your phone will be fine and you’ll have the rad story.

15. Bowler Hat Colander

Apparently as an ‘adult’ you need to have things to ‘cook’. We say if you have to own a colander, it might as well be shaped like an old-timey bowler hat. Might as well.


16. Trendy Bendy Arm Tray

For when you want to rest your beer on the arm of the couch but it’s too ‘couchy’, it turns any armrest into a tray – the ideal spot for a beer to rest.

17. League of Beers Mixed Case

Let’s not pretend that Christmas isn’t 35 degrees in the shade and you couldn’t use a selection of great refreshment. (But don’t put this gift under the tree, this one’s better left in the fridge.)

18. Space Coaster DIY Rollercoaster

Remember when you were a kid and your parents said no to more toys and you vowed to be the sort of adult who bought all the toys? Well, even if you didn’t this is a hella fun way to feel like a kid again.


19. League of Beers Trucker Cap

The official League Of Beers Cap. Ideal if you’re looking for something that says, “I enjoy beer… and also hats as well.”

20. Ostrich Pillow

For every Saturday night there is a Sunday morning (or Monday if you’ve entered the age of the two day hangover). And for those Sunday mornings when you just need to bury your head for a few hours, this is the pillow for that.

21. Beer Belt

You’re at a braai. “Can I get anyone a beer?” you ask. “Yea”. “Thanks.” “Me too.” Next thing you know you’ve got to carry six beers back. Do you carry them in on a tray or do you carry your beers on your belt like the damn beautiful McGuyver you are?


22. Aquasound Speakers

Ok, officially these waterproof speakers are for outdoorsy situations but we’re not going to stop you from singing Adele in the shower.

23. Beer Pong Kit

Everything you need for an epic game of beer pong. Or everything you need to help your brother-in-law to lighten up this Christmas.

May these gifts or anything in our #GiftBeer selection inspire you to be better this Christmas. Really, no one likes soap on a rope. Hope it’s a lekker SA Christmas, beer lovers.

Products sourced from League of Beers, and Mantality.

Meeting Maboneng: discovering a place of light amid the big smoke

Meeting Maboneng: discovering a place of light amid the big smoke

I’d never really thought of Jozi as anything other than a concrete jungle. Buildings, fast paced living, smog – those were my unexplored, narrow minded preconceptions. But the great thing about a career tied to craft beer is that it takes you on a winding journey, if you let it. And when the pull of great beer takes you to uncharted territories, no matter what your pre-formed views are, you go. You go with a big, open heart and a well lined stomach.

Meeting Maboneng: Discovering a place of light amid the big smoke

On this venture up North, our pull was of course October’s feature brewer Smack! Republic. Founders Andrew, Grant and Dave set up the Smack Brewery in the regenerated mix-community, urban space of Maboneng Precinct – formerly a somewhat run down industrial area made up of abandoned warehousing and factories – about 3 years ago, round about the time that interest in developing the area was ignited.

Our Uber driver takes us straight from the airport. The two hour flight left me desperate to diverge from the salmon run of commuters – even if it that meant hitting the streets of Jozi instead of a cool hotel room.

We turn down Fox Street and as the walls slowly, unobtrusively begin to wear more and more colour, the simple signage transforming into edgy logos and trendy typography, I find myself experiencing a heady mix of intrigue and enthusiasm for exploration with just a smidge of Cape Tonian arrogance put in it’s place. Alright Jozi, show me what you’ve got.

The guys at Smack! not only sell their Jozi inspired craft beers at the renowned food and design Market on Main, but also offer a highly recommended, guided food and beer pairing tour through the colourful cobble streets of Maboneng. We’re about to get the condensed version. But not before we devour some of the most deliciously cheesy chilli poppers, chicken chimichangas and beer-guaritas from Mama Mexicana up from Arts on Main.

As we set off on foot, Hillbrow Honeys in hand, every corner of Maboneng comes alive, something awesome where ever I glance. Chalk drawn birds glide along brick walls. Old school bioscopes rub shoulders with new school craft serving pizzerias. Renovated loft apartments share courtyards with the local neighbouring brewery and the vintage car parked on a rooftop plays nighttime host to sultry salsa dancers as they serenade Jozi’s setting sun. It quickly becomes clear after many a stop for either beer, iced vanilla lattes or mango sorbet from the Cocobel food truck that this is a quickly developing area not to be underestimated.

Maboneng is by all accounts one of the true lights of Jozi’s heaving inner city metropolis, a colourful hive of eager and talented entrepreneurs in search of fertile creative spaces where they can not only flank off from the suit and tie, corporate lifestyle but also a place to provide a sanctuary for tourists and locals alike amid the ever reaching skylines of Joburg.

For now it’s only a four block radius but with more and more eyes setting their sights on the possibilities of the quickly expanding Maboneng Precinct, I for one can’t wait to go back and enjoy some beers on a high-up roof top, humbled by honey hued brews on a humid night under orange skies.


How to throw the ultimate rugby beer braai

The Rugby World Cup fever has kicked-off and were just gonna say it, Mr Webb Ellis is coming home with us.There will be blood, there will be sweat and there will be tears. There will also be plenty of beerand fire. Add to that our unbelievable Mixed Case, or the awesome AND UNION case specially for the world cup, and we are in for a properly epic month. Ourfeatured brewery is SMACK! and we hope thats what the Bokke are going to do to everyoneelse. So, let’s make sure you do it right with our top ten tips for hosting the worlds best rugby beer braai!


1. Got beer?

As if we even need to say it, you will need beer. Lots of beer. Good beer. Wait, scrap that. Youneed great craft beer and we know where you can get it. Beer Rules state that mates may onlycomplain about the temperature, but never the style or brand. So use this as an opportunity toraise the bar, literally.

2. Timing is everything

Dont be the guy chopping onions when your mates are listening to Naas and cracking a coldone.

Repeat after us:
1. Beers in the fridge early.
2. Snacks ready and waiting before kick-off.
3. Braai-fire built and prepped before the game, lit at half time and ready to cook straight after.
4. Foodready, spiced, marinated and in the braai-bak.

All thats left to do is stand and grab your heartfor the national anthem. Go Bokke!

3. Whats good for the goose…

These days the ladies watch rugby nearly as much as the guys (we blame Willie Le Roux). So, getcreative and leave the processed, deep-fried insta-snacks and bulk chips at the shop. Thinkchicken and pine mini-kebabs, lamb burger sliders, braaied chilli-poppers, and date, chilli andbacon bombs. Never forget the rare biltong. Toss a few healthy options on the menu and scorea few extra points of your own.


4. Local is lekker

Good tunes and great craft beer make for an awesome pairing, and as regular two-beers-downDJ’s, we also know that the right playlist can make or break even the most epic braai. Planyours beforehand and don’t risk your best mate’s new squeeze putting on her marathon mix ofglitch-electro-dubstep-melodic-death-metal. Think Johnny Clegg, Springbok Nude Girls,Shortstraw, Jeremy Loops, eVoid, Bed on Bricks, aKing and win or loose, have Toto Africaand Bright Blue Weeping lined up just in case.

5. Mates for life

This is RWC, and its war people! Your guests should be ready for battle. They will be withyou during potentially some of the most epic, the darkest, most emotional, and most triumphantmoments in history. Make sure you can count on them when the going gets tough. If all elsefails, there is little in life that an ice-cold craft lager and a smile, from the super-model your matemiraculously landed, can’t fix. Bonus points if that guy is you. In that case, pick up your lip, yourmates need you.

6. A wood fire is a good fire

Good for cooking, good for chatting, and great for flavour. We are in Africa after all, so why notjust go ahead and make two fires. One for cooking and the other for kuier. Youll never run outof hot coals, and you won’t have your wanna-be-braaimaster second cousin tossing wet woodonto your perfectly timed cooking fire. Keep a bag of hardwood charcoal for emergencies (forgetthe briquettes), and remember Always burn alien, preferably Australian.


7. Grubs up

Think about what you want to cook, and plan your cooking times accordingly so you dont getslammed at the end. A good balance of low and slow, versus scorching over hot coals is awinner and will guarantee you wont be slaving away while the winning drop-goal soars throughthe uprights.


8. Show me the money!

Decide what you want to cook, make a budget, and divvy up the costs. Your mates willappreciate the effort and ease instead of going shopping. Say goodbye to braaing rump steakover medium heat next to Oom Frikkies frozen chicken pieces, and to-the-death battles overwhose chop is whose. Really wanna take charge? Up your game (and budget) and grab a fewcases of epic craft beer. We know some guys that deliver straight to your door.

Mixed case

9. Dont forget the kids

Or more specifically, the kids’ toys. Grab anything soft and fluffy. Make a pile, add to the stash afew pairs of rolled socks, and get ready to toss them at the TV to distract opposition kickers. Weswear this works.


10. Just add bacon

Wrap the snacks in it, dry your eyes with it, open your beer with it, we don’t care. But any top tenthat starts with BEER and ends with BACON cant be a bad thing!

We believe the Springboks will win RWC and the country will celebrate like never before,or at the very least as much as we did the last time, and if we’re lucky, the time before that. So beprepared.

Youll have the most epic rugby braai ever and achieve legendary status in theprocess. Go Bokke!

fathers day gift ideas

Upgrade dad from silver to gold with these Father’s Day gift ideas

Your dad invested a lot in you. He probably didn’t know quite how much you were going to mean to him until that very first moment that he held tiny you in his arms. From then on out, you were probably a collective bundle of trouble and joy. So we reckon you have a good few reasons to say thanks to Dad this Father’s Day. Because those grey hairs (or silver) didn’t get there on their own, we put together a little list of reminders, misgivings and suggestions on how best to make it up to dad this year, because we know and you know – you owe him big time.

Upgrade dad from silver from to gold with these Father's Day gift ideas

For being a wildly naughty kid

Whether you ripped off your sister’s barbie doll heads and covered them in ketchup in your war soldier games, coloured the hallway walls in technicolour crayons or redecorated the lounge with your unique toilet paper design, you can bet your bottom dollar that sharing a case of beers with your dad while you reminisce over the joys of kids, would be a pretty great way to say ‘thanks for putting up with me’.

We think Dad deserves the Wild Card Mixed Case for stories like these.


For breaking all the things through adolescence

Most of us will have a story involving some sort of shattered glass, be it a cricket ball through the window, banging inter-leading doors because the teenage angst made you do it or smashing a chandelier into smithereens because you were playing He-Man and She-Ra with your older brother, you can be sure this kind of naughty requires a gift with thought.

We think Dad deserves specialist Spiegelau Beer Glasses for the glass you’re still apologising for breaking.

For savings Dad shelled out for you

He probably wouldn’t do it any other way, but all the reasons why dad willingly opened his wallet for you, for the limo ride to your high school dance, the petrol for your first chorrie, the guitar lessons you just had to have, school fees, your education and maybe even your wedding day, dads the world over deserve something extra special for that kind of spoiling.

We think Dad deserves to get beer for a year (and be in the League of Beers monthly club) so he can be part of a club other than the DadBank.


Some more gift ideas for Dad this Father’s Day

There’s no real way to make up for all those silver hairs, and truth be told Dad probably wouldn’t have it any other way, but saying thank you and upgrading dad from silver to gold, is a great way to say thank you to pop.

For being less than an angel: La Trap Trappist Gift Pack
Were you a relentless terror? Cisco brewers Del’s Relentless Session IPA
A single minded hazard, maybe? Something from our exclusive Single Pack Beers

So think long and hard.What do you owe dad for big time? Tell us your stories and we’ll help find the perfect craft beer gift.

Article Banner - LoB in Jozi-1

Join us as we take craft beer on a Jozi Roadshow

As fans of craft beer we value ‘the making of’, the experience and the journey, not just the destination. So it occurred to us, that since we were en route to the Jozi Craft Beer Fest, why not make a road show out of it? If you’re in the area, here’s our itinerary and the many ways in which you can share the craft beer and League of Beers experience with us.

Article Banner - LoB in Jozi-1

The League of Beers Jozi Roadshow itinerary:

Exclusive VIP craft beer experience at The Common Room

For members of our beer of the month club, we’re hosting a unique VIP tasting and food pairing event at the Common Room where you get to mix and mingle with fellow beer club members. Basically an opportunity to bond with your beer tribe. We have 30 hot seats on offer. To stand a chance at a ticket, you have to be a member of the club though. You can still sign up!

Where: The Common Room
When: 7th May 2015
If you are a member of the beer of the month club an invite will be sent to your inbox.
If you are a member of the beer of the month club and haven’t got your invite by Monday, just pop us a mail at

Food pairing evening at Wolves Café

An event open to anyone who is hungry for a well rounded craft beer tasting experience, this tasting at Wolves’ Cafe explores 7 Asian fusion dishes paired with a broad range of more than 10 different craft beers. Expect a seated, relaxed event, enjoying good food with like minded artisan food fans.

Where: Wolves Cafe
When: 8th May 2015
Time: 6:30pm
Tickets: R289 available through our Snapscan code below

Product Banner - Wolves Cafe Event-1

The Jozi Craft Beer Fest

This event needs little introduction as the big stop on our Jozi Roadshow. This year League of Beers will be partnering with the Jozi Craft Beer Fest, running various different craft beer themed events and activities, competitions, beer tasting games and the like. If you’re in the area, hook in, come find us and touch base with the League.

Where: Jozi Craft Beer Fest, Marks Park Emmerentia
When: 9th May 2015
Tickets: Buy through Webtickets

Meet the Brewers at BeerHouse Fourways

Teaming up with Beer Country and BeerHouse for this one, we bring you a serious vibe of a craft beer shindig and a platform to meet the brewers that bring you these fine beers. In between you can hang out with the Beer Country boys who toughed it out in Ultimate Braai Master and be part of their unique journey of sharing craft beer with the world.

Watch Beer Country’s Meet the Brewer videos to get a taste of what this event will be like:

Where: Beerhouse Fourways, Sunset Avenue
When: 10th May 2015
Time: 6pm
Tickets: Contact Beerhouse Fourways to book your tickets +(27 11 465 2402) or

Alternatively you can book your ticket by using this integrated widget below:

Expo in Sandton

This stop on our Jozi Roadshow gives us an opportunity to take craft beer to the builders, the hard working folks who are building Africa as we build the craft beer industry. An exclusive event for architects, quantity surveyors and the like, if this is your industry, make sure to stop in. For you non building folk, keep tabs on social media as we expand the craft beer scene brick by brick, beer by beer.

Where: Invite only, Sandton Convention Centre
When: 12th of May

Visiting local craft breweries and craft beer venues in Gauteng

Unofficially we will also be touring all brewers and craft beer venues during our time in Jozi up until the 16th handing out random prizes and maybe a beer or two.  On Monday the 11th in particular we are going to try and see as many craft breweries in the Gauteng area as we possibly can. If ever there was ever a better time to be out and about enjoying craft at your favourite venue – this is it. Get out there, enjoy some quality craft or at least the journey with us on social media.

We hope to spot you there good people. Here’s to enjoying the golden brew in Jozi, the city of gold itself. Lekker.

Article Banner - Johnny Gold

Win a keg for the love of Johnny Gold

Many weiss beer lovers will conquer that Boston Breweries’ Johnny Gold is a classic through and through and some have even described it as the “weiss for the weiss lovers that does not disappoint”. That’s nice, we couldn’t agree more and were so inspired by this general sentiment that we’d like to pay homage to our friend Johnny by sharing his Gold Weiss Beer with his biggest fans. Keen to find out how you can get in on this cheer?

Article Banner - Johnny Gold

How to enter:

1. Take a pic or video of yourself enjoying your Johnny Gold Weiss and just generally having a great time. (Here are some folks already in on the action.)
2. Send us your photo or video shout out via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and don’t forget the hasthag #CheersToJohnny.
3. Drink more beer and hold all your thumbs.
4. The competition closes on the 6th of March and the winner will be announced the following Monday.
5. You can enter on all the social media channels and as many times as you like.

The only rule? Don’t endanger your life (or anyone else’s). Go forth, have fun and photograph, for the love of Johnny.

What you win

The guys at Boston Breweries are going to give a Johnny Gold keg, bursting with banana, clove and bubblegum flavour, to whoever sends us the coolest photo or video of them with their Johnny Gold Weiss. That’s 30l of weiss beer with a draught dispensing unit. They’ll even deliver it to your door. You’ve got nothing to lose on this one.

Don’t have any Johnny Gold in your fridge? Get your case here.


Craft beer appreciation class with Greg Crum

Good news beer-loving people. If you’re a beer aficionado looking to enhance your beer tasting knowledge or you’ve ever wanted to be able to tell the difference between the ripe banana, the pear drops and the bubblegum in a Weiss beer, we’ve got an event for you. Listen up.

craft beer appreciation

The details

On Friday 29th November, 6pm at The Woodstock Brewery in Cape Town, Greg Crum will lead a sensory analysis training session on specific beer flavours. If you’re a brewer, home-brewer, craft beer fan or you just want to learn more and perhaps even distinguish between the resin, pine and citrus in an IPA, this event is for you.

Who is Greg Crum?

Greg has been involved in multiple craft beer successes, bringing his in-depth brewing knowledge to projects such as Furthur Brewing; The Experimental Brewers ZAR; Devil’s Peak and Greg will be using a beer tasting sample kit that he acquired in the USA, used to train brewers and beer tasters at the world’s top brewing companies. This kit will be used to apply specific flavours to different beers that will be used in the tasting class.

Hurry – there are only 15 spots

Date: 29th November 2013
Time: 6pm
Where: The Woodstock Brewery on 276 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town (next to the Bromwell, close to the Biscuit Mill).
Price: R250

And if we’re thirsty there’s a craft beer bar available afterwards.

How to book:


Hope to see you there!


Jozi Event Feedback: Eatery & Wolves Tastings


While we were in Jozi for the Jozi Craft Beer Fest, we hosted two separate craft beer and food pairing events. Wolves and The Eatery had such different vibes and showcased how wide the scope of craft beer lovers extends.

Each restaurant took a League of Beer’s mixed case and expanded it into a food pairing evening. This is the kind of thing I think we should be seeing all the time throughout South Africa. Craft beer is so versatile and I got so excited seeing the sort of events we could be pulling off.


This was quite a serious crowd of food lovers and craft beer aficionados. The hosts, Shayne and Matt, are huge foodies and had obviously done their research to craft (haha) a winning four course menu that was paired with great craft beers. We had a couple of different beers to try with each course. I really liked this angle as each course brought out something I hadn’t pinpointed in each brew.

Have a look below and be jealous that I got to try this stuff:


With a huge gift for hospitality, Angie and Shane easily made everyone feel comfortable and at home at Wolves Cafe. It was as if a bunch of mates got together, ordered great food and craft beer and sat around chatting. Plus Jonathan Nel from Three Skulls premiered a new brew called Banshee which was pretty awesome.

I won’t judge you if your mouth waters as you read the menu below:

  • Citizen Alliance Amber Ale upon arrival.
  • Edamame beans – served with Copperlake’s English Ale and Jack Black’s Pre-prohibition Craft Lager.
  • Chicken Dim Sum – served with Three Skull’s Irish Red Ale.
  • Avocado Summer Roll – served with Standeaven’s Beast Black Gold.
  • Chicken Mozzarella Spring Roll – served with CBC’s Amber Weiss.
  • Spinach Cream Cheese Dim Sum – served with Darling’s Bonecrusher.
  • Thai Chicken Wings – served with Brew Dog’s Dead Pony Club.
  • Crisp Twice Fried Beef with Basil – served with Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale.

The League held competitions for the best tweet for each of these events. This lucky guy and gal each won a Jozi Craft Beer Fest mixed case. Both winners combined quality with quantity as they popped out the most tweets at each event and the favourite tweets too:

Eatery’s winner: Kyle Fraser (@kyle_fraser) tweeted “Mind explosion. @CapeBrewingCo Amber Weiss paired with @eateryjhb apple, salmon & bacon. Forget what you know about beer. @leagueofbeers”

Wolves winner: Lauren Wessels (@popsibee) although she had so many pearlers these two were my favourites “We are a bunch of six having @TheOddBeer with the @leagueofbeers… my @darlingbrew s this is something special!”

And “I think we going @rogueales at the @leagueofbeers tasting @wolvescafe”

I am really stoked to do more of this kind of thing in Joburg and Cape Town so watch this space for more details!

Crafty Rob