Launch date is finally here

This Project has been a distant dream for a few years now and since November last year we have been furiously trying to get the logistics behind the scenes ready to be able to serve our customers fully. We are now set to launch on the 18th of July 2012. See you there, well here.

Let The Games Begin

This company is a collaboration of craft beer lovers, a league of extraordinary beers and beer drinkers. In the ever growing popularity of craft beer in our great country more people are moving towards drinking great beer every day. At the same time more great breweries and producers are arriving on the scene. However, the people who love these beers are not always able to get their hands onto the great beers that they desire. Our goal is thus threefold:

  1. To bridge the gap between the brewer and the true fan and new customers
  2. To give more customers access to great South African Craft Beers
  3. To attempt to grow the category of South African Craft Beers through interaction and education