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Tasting League crib notes: Vedett Extra Blond

This full yet refreshing, premium pilsner has been lagered for one month, resulting in a perfect balance between fruity hoppiness and a smooth malt backbone.


The tasting experience

Appearance: Straw gold with fine bubbles and a pearly white head.
Aroma:  Pleasant hoppiness with slight malt in the background.
Flavour & finish: Subtle fruitiness and vanilla from the hops give way to a well-balanced malt finish. It’s crisp, dry, effervescent and smooth.

Quick fire facts

  • It has 5.2% ABV.
  • Hops used are Saaz, Styrian Golding and Hallertau Magnum.
  • It has a penguin as a mascot.

Overall thoughts

This may well be proof that blondes really do have more fun. A great summertime session beer that doesn’t take itself too seriously and delivers on it’s promise.

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Food pairing suggestion

A big pot of fresh black mussels, cooked in beer, with beer on the side. Some lemongrass, fresh lime and coconut milk would put this over the top. Don’t forget the chilli.

Where to drink

After a day at the beach, picking mussels off the rocks.

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Tasting League crib notes: Vedett IPA

It’s IPA, but not really from India, and not really a pale ale. This extraordinary beer perfectly combines a solid Belgian ale with four varieties of American hops. Welcome to the best of both worlds.


The tasting experience

Appearance: Slightly cloudy with a copper-amber hue.
Aroma: All tropical fruit and citrus upfront, that harmoniously combine with fresh floral and green aromas.
Flavour & finish: Punchy grapefruit and tropical fruits make way for a soft yet outspoken bitterness that builds and builds, but just leaves space for the malty caramel backbone, and a long, effervescent finish.

Quick fire facts

  • 2 of the American hops used are only for dry-hopping.
  • Only speciality malts are used.
  • It has 5.5% ABV (and is sitting at 40 IBU’s).
  • The Walrus is this beer’s mascot.

Overall thoughts

This is an IPA unlike any you have tasted before, and once you get your head around it, it’s just an incredible, modern ale inspired by one of the oldest styles on the planet. Awesome beer.




Food pairing suggestion

Spicy oriental dishes are great with IPA, but to really amp things up, light the fire and get some quality thick-cut Karoo lamb chops, some fresh herbs, and a sweet-spicy basting sauce.

Where to drink

Any place, any time, when you are winning and feel like something different yet familiar. Like getting the girl at your high-school reunion.

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A polar bear, a walrus and a penguin walk into a bar: Meeting Vedett

A polar bear, a walrus and a penguin walk into a bar: Meeting Vedett

Besides loving a 5am swim in icy waters, what do a polar bear, a walrus, and a penguin have in common? Vedett, that’s what! These beer-mascots represent the three awesome brews to come out of Belgium’s coolest brewery. Beer Country chatted with the guys about beers, braais, and the mischief we might get up to on a night out in Belgium.

A polar bear, a walrus and a penguin walk into a bar: Meeting Vedett

So, do you know any good penguin jokes?

One or two…

A penguin walks into a bar and says, “I’ll have a Vedett or nothing at all!” The bartender replies, “Why you penguins always gotta be so black and white?!”

Classic! And if a thirsty penguin walked into your brewery, what beer would you give her?

A Vedett Extra Blond, of course. We figure she’s seen enough “white” already. And an Indian Pale Ale would be a bit of a stretch from the South Pole. Of course, we can go more exotic, once we’ve broken the ice (wink).

There is a bit of a ritual to go with the Extra Wit, tell us about it?

Step 1.
Stare into the cloudy depths of a Vedett Extra White while contemplating the meaning of life.

Step 2.
Realise that neither the beer, nor the meaning of life, are transparent to human enquiry. So pour 2/3 of the beer.

Step 3.
After that, swirl the rest in the bottle and pour it into the glass. Enjoy your Vedett Extra White the old-fashioned way: by drinking it instead.

Step 4.
Realise that enjoyment is in fact the answer.

Too true! We know you guys love music. Give us a few tunes to check out while drinking Vedett?

A good opportunity to sing the praises of some classic Belgian tracks. OK, here goes the unofficial Vedett top 5:

5. Get up by Technotronic (Yes, that’s right, they’re Belgian!)
4. Heading for a Fall by Vaya Con Dios
3. Clouds by Django Reinhardt
2. Alors on danse by Stromae (Belgium’s favourite son)
1. Marieke by Jacques Brel

Adding to the playlist now. Ok, so we love your IPA, it’s the best of both worlds.

Well, it’s definitely not Indian (but we did get the idea while watching a really bad Bollywood movie). And it’s not that pale (at least not compared to the average Belgian in shorts). But as far as ales go, we’re quite proud it. Extra bitter, extra refreshing!

What’s your favorite thing to do while drinking a Vedett?

Going through the thousands of pictures, stories and ideas people submit for our back labels. And realising that there is no greater accompaniment to a great beer than human creativity!

Cheers to that. Was there one beer that changed your life?

Definitely Duvel. Devilishly divine!

And did that lead to dedicating your life to brewing great beer?

Well, it certainly lead to a lot of beer drinking!

What is your beer philosophy in a sentence?

Better brews, fewer blues.

Belgians are notorious for putting anything in beer. What is the weirdest ingredient you have ever brewed, or would like to brew with?

Actually, hops is a pretty weird ingredient, and it does so many weird, wonderful and sometimes unpredictable things to a beer! That said, we do throw coriander and candied orange peel into the mash of our Extra White, things you’re more likely to find in a fruit cake than a beer. The results speak for themselves!

So the ice-caps have melted and we’re all going down. What is your last meal and what beer would you pair it with?

Well, if there’s going to be a beach party on Mt. Everest, what better way to bow out than with a proper South African braai?! Seafood, of course, since 99.9% of the Earth’s surface will by then be covered in water. Let’s say lobster infused with chili, garlic and ginger with a tall glass of Vedett White to freshen the palate and intensify the aromas.

You had us at braai! We love fire, great food, epic craft beer and awesome music. If we came over to Belgium for one night, what would we get up to?

What a coincidence! Belgians refuse to do anything or go anywhere without the offer of good food and great beer as an incentive. If you’re ever in the neighbourhood, drop by for a festival or two in the park on a long summer night as the beer flows freely. Later on, we’ll take to the streets and give the newspapers something to write about in the morning!

Sign us up! We’ve heard you are in the business of making people famous?

Behind every great beer is a great bunch of people. And since we get our inspiration from the people who enjoy our beers, we thought it more than fitting to put them on our back labels!

What would you love the guys and gals back in South Africa to get out of your beers?

In a word, happiness! A moment of enjoyment. A moment when you can take a step back and take a lighthearted look at life. See it in all its beauty and absurdity all at once. And smile.

Proost! (that’s cheers in Belgium)

To get a taste of this awesome Belgian beer, get stuck into this Month’s Mixed Case, packed with Vedett. Or better yet, sign up to the club so we don’t have to keep reminding you and you can be ahead of the curve with us.